Tuesday, May 10, 2011

china glaze spring minis

Hey guys! Late post from me today. For some reason I prefer to post in the morning, but this morning when I got back from my doctor (all good news, btw) I just wanted to do some nails.
And do nails, I did.
I swatched my set of ChG minis, I swatched a 6-piece Color Club set, and I also did a Milani one.
And then I decided to wear 2 different China Glaze's. (For some reason lately I like wearing different colors on each hand... maybe my subconscious is telling me to do it so I get more swatches done!)
So I swatched 15 colors today! Good work for my swatch project. My cuticles are probably going to hate me for it though.

Today I'm going to show you the China Glaze mini set. I'm not sure what to call it because it doesn't have a name. It has 5 colors from last year's Up & Away set, and a blue from 2008's Bahama Blues collection.
I'll call them Spring Minis.
I'm in love with all of them.
I adore pastels.

Where to start?!

I guess I'll do them in the order of that photo. 

First is Peachy Keen!
Lovely peachy orange creme. I dislike orange but this is peachy enough that I really like it.
2 coats! Applied like a dream. ALL of these did.

Lemon Fizz. If I had to pick a least favorite this would probably be it. The formula was the least opaque out of all of them, 3 coats with touch ups in some places for totally even coverage. I just can't really get into yellow, but this one is nice. (Although I dislike yellow, I did a comparison of the 5 I do have today on some paper, and they are sooo similar. How does someone who dislikes yellow end up with 5 similar ones?)

Re-Fresh Mint. Mint green. Don't have much else to say! Only needed 2 coats!

Bahamian Escape. My surprise favorite (I was expecting to love the pink or purple the most.)
The blue is just so pretty. And one coat was almost enough! 2 for totally even coverage. Loooove.

Light As Air. One of these things is not like the others... Sorry for having the one right hand swatch. I did this the other night when I was wearing this color (but only on one hand...) and where the bottles are smaller I didn't want to waste more just doing a swatch on my other hand. Next time I wear this, I'll take a new photo and replace this one. Hah.
It's a really light lavender/lilac. Again, 2 coats. TWO coats for 4/6 of these pastels! Such amazing formula.
I did a bottle comparison with another lilac I love - Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Lacey Lilac.

Light As Air is much lighter/less saturated.

Something Sweet. The other 3-coater of the set. Still a great formula though. I think I have another color like this from the Color Club Catwalk Queen collection but I only just thought of that as I write this, so I don't have a comparison. When I get around to swatching that collection I'll do a comparison! Hahah.

While I was editing the photos they all looked so cute in the little thumbnail bar so here is a picture of that too :P

Here is what the packaging looks like if you're gonna be on the lookout for this one.

Totally delighted with this purchase. $25 for these lovely cremes.
And like I said in the post I made the night I got them, they are mini, but still 9.6mL which is 2/3 of the regular bottles. And just around 1mL less than Xtreme Wear.

I love them all.


  1. Oh, all of them are so pretty! :) I'm getting Lemon Fizz and Re-fresh mint in the mail soon! Can't wait to try them out! :)

  2. Swatchtastic!

    I like Bahamian Escape and Lemon Fizz the best. They just look like happy colours. They are bright too, but not too bright, if you know what I mean.

  3. I love Cremes especially pastels! I want to hunt this set down wherever it is hiding. :P Thanks for the swatches!

  4. i love this collection!!
    so pretty =D

  5. Oh, the are very lovely all of them! I love cremes.. and spring colors :) So it's a total win..

  6. JQ - try winners! apparently they have them at the winners here now, for 10 dollars less ><

  7. i got this same pack at cosmo prof i love the colours:)

  8. I love this collection .. I need to get it. The mini bottles are so cute!!