Sunday, May 15, 2011

experimenting with my new bundle monster plates + a scraping tip!

Hey guys. Today I'm going to post some pictures from my first time playing with my new Bundle Monster plates! Warning, this post is lengthy and wordy. Hah.

I won these plates in their contest - I ranked #8 out of about 150. Pretty cool! Thanks for voting for me if you did.
So thankfully all my plates were perfect and they all were there - some people had issues with missing or damaged plates. Bundle Monster has awesome customer service and of course helped out all those people with issues.

I'm really happy to have won them because I probably wouldn't have bought them on my own, as I don't love this set as much as I loved the last one. But there are some pretty cool images and overall I still love them.
And as you've heard, they made improvements to the plates with bigger images to cover your entire nail better, and they added a backing to the plates to make them less sharp.

The first image I tried was from BM-207.

This is over Color Club Rule Breaker. I really like this image. I alternated it as I went along for more visual interest. Hah!
I stamped with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Silver Sweep, as you can see from the bottle in my hand. As I showed you in this post, Silver Sweep works just as good for stamping as China Glaze Millennium.

Next up, my favorite full-nail image from the set, from BM-203.

This is over Color Club Wild At Heart, again stamped with Silver Sweep.
This is where I discovered the tip I'm about to tell you. See how on my pinky, some of the lines aren't solid?
I tried about 10 times to get it to work properly but I couldn't. And then I tried scraping differently.
I guess where the lines are so thick, when you scrape straight down them, you end up taking too much out. So I tried scraping diagonally.

And it works perfectly! Next time you have issues getting an image to transfer fully - try scraping a different way.

Here is the image I was most excited for:

Nautical Star! I love nautical stars. This is from BM-206.
I stamped this in black over white, and using a sheer red jelly I filled in the open spaces with a toothpick.
I plan on making a full mani out of this sometime!

Here is the mani I ended up wearing after my experimenting was over.
It started with 3 coats of China Glaze Flying Dragon.

Neon purple filled with blue and pink glitter. Really cool polish. It dries matte, but I forgot to take a picture of it before I added art and top coat. But some nails are still just solid purple, so I guess this counts as a swatch post. Hah!

I stamped from BM-208 with Silver Sweep.
A bit hard to capture the color but I think I got it!

See all the glitter? Here's a closeup!

I believe this is still in the permanent collection at Sally's if you're interested.

As you can see, it totally covered my thumb! (The top right corner isn't covered but that was my fault, not the plate.)
This image is awesome.

Diggin' these plates for sure! Thanks Bundle Monster!

Now for some rambling that you need not read. Short version: I'm trying to go on an almost-no-buy.

Today I was out shopping with my mom, we went to Sally's, and I bought a bottle of Seche Rebuild because I was out, and then if I spent 31 more cents I would get a free bottle of China Glaze. So I picked up a mini Sally Girl polish (99 cents) that I think I will use in the franken I plan on making later. And so I got Fairy Dust for free!
And then we went to Chatters, and I literally found 5 polishes I want. But I was feeling major money-spending guilt, so I only bought one. (China Glaze Harmony!)

You see, I am going on 2 trips this summer, and the second one was supposed to be nearly free for me because it was going to be a roadtrip, but then my aunt found a seat sale and we bought plane tickets because it would work out cheaper in the end. However, not cheaper for me, as I had to pay for my own flight instead of just tagging along in the car.
So that was $400. Plus I feel bad about the $23 on DS Original last night.

Anyway, I think I am going to try a no-buy or almost-no-buy again.
Lately I have just bought way too much. Everything I've made in the last month and a half has been spent on flights (2 of 'em) or concert tickets (Katy Perry! NoFX! Weezer!!!) or hotels or nail polish.
Even though I have a lot of money saved up, I just hate seeing my bank account not growing! I am seriously a penny pincher. 
So I am really going to try to buy very little nail polish between now and my Montreal trip, which is the 30th of June.
I know there are 3 that I want that should be arriving soon - the 2 glitters from Orly's new Pin Up collection, and OPI Turquoise Shatter. I will get those without feeling bad. Glitter and turquoise, you know me. But I don't want anything else.
I am going to avoid checking out Walmart or Lawtons or Shoppers or Winners or Chatters or Sallys between now and then.
...And then I can go to Montreal and Ottawa with my besties and buy lots of clothes and polish without feeling bad.

And once I get home from that trip, I have almost exactly a month until I go to Toronto with the fam! So again, I will be penny pinching and I will try to buy very little before leaving. And then buy lots there, including a helmer!
(I was originally bummed that we weren't going on a road trip because I obviously can't fit a helmer in a suitcase. But then I realized that the airline allows 2 pieces of checked luggage for each person, and I checked the dimensions of the box it comes in on Ikea's website, and it fits the limits! So I will be taking home my suitcase, which I think you should know is ZEBRA print, and a big ol' helmer box.)

And so begins my almost-no-buy. Wish me luck this time? Better luck than before?


  1. Goog luck with the Almost-no-buy! ;) It's going to be tough...btw, Flying Dragon is so pretty. :)

  2. I'm on a no-buy too - it's so hard! Good luck!

    I've found when stamping (and I'm REALLY new to it!) if I'm having trouble with lines not coming out properly I use a plastic card instead of the scraper and it's much better. I just use an old ID card that belonged to my fiance and it seems to take less polish off. I'll try going diagonal too, great tip!


  3. I'm glad you didn't have any problems with your Bundle Monster set. Mine was poo- with 75% of the plates having something wrong. You're right, though... their customer service is great!

    I like the mani you ended up with. I don't think I've ever looked at Flying Dragon up close... LOVE!

  4. Becca! The BM plate designs are really awesome, especially love the first, teal one :) And great scraping tip ;-) Also good luck with your (almost) no-buy! good thing you're looking after you wallet so well. And after the two trips when you buy np again, you'll feel like you've earned it :)

  5. You make me want to try these things

  6. Love the neon purple with the silver sweep and the BM-208 stamp, very nice result. I was curious to find out more about stamping after reading your post and ended up on youtube spending hours watching some of the tutorials. Hat's off to anyone using stamps, it looks very fiddly.

  7. I enjoy your thought process. Being on a forced no-buy has done wonders for me and when I'm working again I won't be spending like I used to. Great learning experience.

    Love the new bundle plate manis. The fact that you filled the star in with red using a toothpick fascinates me to no end.

    BTW, you sound better in your posts - I hope you are feeling better as even though blogger lost my comments from DragonRhia Creations - I remember what you wrote. ;)

  8. Great post, I love them all but first design I love the most.

    And good luck with your almost non buy ;)

  9. @Definitely Addicted: that sucks! they replaced 2 plates from my old set no problem, so i'm sure all will go well from you.

    @Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes: thanks dear! i'm feeling a bit better. enough to not want to be mopey on my blog. hah!

    and thanks everyone for the support on my almost-no-buy! hahaha

  10. These are so pretty! I also noticed that scraping diagonally helped. Also having a nice clean scraper helps. I noticed that if the polish dries a little on the scraper it messes with the design.I am very excited about the nautical star! You have inspired me, I have used the nautical star but for some reason it never crossed my mind to fill it in. I can fill it in with any color!!! Also good luck with your almost no buy :)

  11. Good luck on your almost no buy--I know it's hard. I realized today I bought something off of ebay every single day last week. I spent way more than the $25 I said I couldn't justify on OPI DS Original. I should have just bought the DS Original and been done. Instead I spent about $43 dollars for crying out loud! Well I'm glad I got the holographic paint powder because he's out again and doesn't know when or if he's getting more in.

    Spending time with friends and family is important so I hope you have a great time on your trips!

  12. Great post! Thanks for the tip on scraping, too; I'll have to remember that the next time I'm having issues stamping.

  13. This is my go to polish for this summer!! I am going thru all your posts love your work!! new to blogging please check out my site