Tuesday, May 17, 2011

joe fresh - twilight - swatch and review

Good morning followers!
I see that I have gained quite a few of you since yesterday. Thanks :)

Today I have a swatch that I did last night that I am not proud of. Haha.
I really wanted to show this to you but I didn't want to take my franken off yet, so I took it off my right hand only. And apparerntly my right hand has been suffering for some reason because my skin is so dry.

Anyway. This polish has flakies. Yep. Flakies.
99% of the polish-loving population love flakies.
I can't really say that I love them... but I bought this polish anyway.
Same thing with Hidden Treasure, I needed to have it because it was flakies, but then I realized I'm not that into it. But I still like HAVING it. Weird, I know. (But I'm sure you know what I mean.)

On to the swatches. My bottle picture is more impressive than the actual swatches. Hah!

Doesn't this excite you flakie-lovers??

Once it was on the nail the flakies just didn't want to be photographed.
So I'll have to explain them to you.
Most of the time they flash orangey-browny-green, and then you turn your hand and they go full-on emerald.

Pretty green! I should have worn topcoat but didn't notice until I saw the pictures. Haha.
This is three coats of Twilight.

It is so full of flakies!
My friend Kayla Shevonne showed this on a nail wheel by itself, mattified, and over black, check that out here.

Anyway, this is a Canadian brand, so any of you flakie-lovin' ladies not in Canada might weep a little.

But! Fear not!
One of you lucky ladies will be winning a bottle of this beauty in my upcoming giveaway!
Does that excite you? I thought so.

My giveaway is almost ready to be posted. I'm going to try and get the last thing I need tonight, so it should be up tomorrow or the next day.

I'm off to read some magazines to pass the time at work. I'm working 4/5 days this week. Bleh.
However, I am excited to go home, because my Starry Temptress package came yesterday, and I'm going to swatch them!
(I'm wearing Space Case on my right hand right now, and it is so cute. You cannot get a more perfect Barbie polish than this one! Haha.)

Oh! And!
I only got one suggestion yesterday on what to call my franken, but it was a good one!
Kimaloo said that it reminded her of Funfetti cupcakes, and she thinks I should call it "Rebecca Likes Cupcakes."
I think this is hilarious and fitting, because Rebecca DOES like cupcakes as you may remember from my few baking posts.
So that is probably going to be my franken's name. Aww.


  1. Living here in the US therefore I am weeping a little. This is a pretty flakie! I must say I am more a fan of the flakie than I am of pearl polishes--weird I know! I guess I am a tried and tried creme and jelly gal lol!

  2. I just discovered your blog and I absolutely love it! :)

  3. Haha! That's so awesome! Thanks for the mention!

    I really want to try the Joe polishes and this one makes me want to even more. I guess I'll need to get in good with a Canadian. ;o)

  4. Wow, loving the flakes..im sucha a flake..or is it flakie? Flaker? Flake-addict?? Hmmm =D The last picture reminds me of snorkeling and looking at jagged corals and reefs..their really 3d..*Heart*

  5. I bought this a while back when I went looking for matte top coat. I love it because it reminds me of labradorite, and i love the jelly texture feel. Though I would layer it over another polish just to conserve the polish.

    Also I think Rebecca like cupcakes is an adorable name!

  6. Love this lacquer - I'm getting it in a swap package soon and I'm stoked! Thanks for the great review of it - makes me even more excited to get it.

  7. @lnievin, me too! I love cremes the most.

    @Sandra, thank you!

    @Mikayla, hahaha, i think calling yourself a "flake" is the funniest!

    @jaded_imp, i think i'll layer it next time too.

    @LWFTAT, happy to excite you!

  8. Gorgeous polish!! Stunning. And love Rebecca Likes Cupcakes is a very cute name for your franken!

  9. Oh how I need some flakie polish!!

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