Monday, May 2, 2011

stash/swatch page is up!

Hey guys, my stash/swatch page has officially gone live!
It's not very full of swatches yet but I hope that soon it will be!
If you find any errors or broken links please tell me about it.

About the swatches, I need your opinion on something.
Would you like it better if I posted each swatch individually as I do them, or try to post multiple from one brand at the same time?
Obviously some will still get their own post if they're special or new, but I don't know what you guys would prefer.

Thanks and goodnight!

Some nail mail came today! My package from Leslie of Nail Polish Art Addiction!
This girl is the best. I will be swatching all my new lovelies soon.
She even surprised me with a bottle of Milani Digital which would have made my set of 3D complete except that my order from got canceled. They're discontinued.
So with that refund I now only bought 29 in April! Under my goal! Hahahaha.
Too bad it was a disappointing way to make my goal.


  1. Great blog!

    I think it's nice when people clump the swatches together, but do special ones on their own.

  2. haha great that you met your goal now hehe!

    how do you make the tabs at the top?

    shel xx