Sunday, May 29, 2011

china glaze - harmony - swatch and review and stamping test

Hi lovlies, short post today before work.
Today I'm going to show you Harmony, from China Glaze's Romantiques collection.
This is the only one I have from the collection but it was very hard for me to leave the others at the store. Haha.
(I really want the pink/blue/green/dark gray)

Harmony is a metallic purple chrome polish. Lovely in 1 coat.

It was hard to get the right color. I think it is really somewhere in between the two pictures.

So of course, this polish is awesome for stamping.

Great over all colors.
I used it in this manicure for stamping.

I can almost hear the other Romantiques calling me from Chatters.... hahaha.
I have displayed such willpower it is ridiculous.
Last night I found Essie's Brazillant collection at Shoppers and somehow managed to not buy Smooth Sailing and Absolutely Shore.
What a good almost-no-buy I have been having! Such willpower!
(Not buying the Essie's was moreso due to their 11.99 price tag. I wonder if I can get them cheaper online...)

Off to work, and then back to work on the zebra wall I mentioned yesterday!

It still needs another coat but it is awesome.


  1. Nice color and I absolutely love your zebra wall!

  2. Shoppers just had their Essie's on sale for $7.99 down from $11.99 last week! That's when I picked up my "Smooth Sailing".

  3. WOW!! I love your zebra wall it looks amazing!! You can get essies online for $8 that's their retail price.

  4. Amazing polish and wowowow your wall!!!! Aaahhhh its soo cool!

  5. the whole romantique collection is awesome stamping polishes!!

  6. That wall is fantastic! I'm so jealous, and a little miffed that I can't repaint my place because I'm renting! Lol

  7. wow, that wall is FAB - and the blue on ur walls is my all time faveee color!

  8. Love the colour and the wall! I'm a sucker for anything animal print. Also I'm jealous of your Chatters, the only China Glazes that have been available at the one in my city for the last few weeks are the Anchors Away and Island Escape collections.

  9. That wall is indeed AWESOME!! And yay for your succesful, continuing no-buy. But we both know you'll need Smooth Sailing sooner or later, hahah. EVERYBODY DOES!

  10. I have an almost-no-buy moratorium, too, but I caved on an Essie myself! BUT it was totally justified! It was Coat d'Azure and *clearanced* out to $4-and change! And it was the only bottle left. That clearly was destiny!

  11. That Zebra Wall is sooooo pretty! I want! :)) Harmony is so great for stamping. <3

  12. OMG that Zebra wall is full of fierce and awesome! I'm super jelly!