Saturday, May 14, 2011

color club - wild at heart - swatches and review

Hey guys, I am writing this post for the second time!
The last one was only a half-finished draft and I don't think it's coming back, so I'll just have to rewrite it!

I decided to swatch these colors last week when there was a sunny day here in my rainy, foggy province.
I was just going to swatch the holo - Wild at Heart, the collection's namesake - but then I decided to do them all to add to my swatch list. And to my surprise, I found another holo hiding in there!

Wild at Heart was the fall 2009 collection from Color Club, but it made it's way to me in late 2010 at Winners for only $12.99! You can't do better than that.
The collection has 6 shades plus a bottle of the 0-60 Speedy Topcoat.
I tried it out, and it isn't very speedy compared to Seche Vite, but it is speedier than your average polish.

Okay, swatch time.

First up is Love 'Em/Leave 'Em, the surprise holo! I actually had no idea until I had it on my nails and saw them in the sun.
This is a lovely nude polish, sorta gold, with subtle holo! It is similar to the China Glaze Tronica polishes, same easy application and the holo looks the same. 2 coats!
It was hard to capture the holo even in the sun, but it was there! I seriously love this polish.

I think it matched my skintone really well. What a nice surprise!
This would be a work-appropriate holo for you professional ladies! Haha.

Big win for the first polish in the collection.

Wild and Willing. Not such a win.
If this one covered better I would probably like it.
It is a coppery-orange shimmer with reddish-pink flash, similar to Mac's Bad Fairy.
The problem with it is that it is not dense enough. The shimmer is just floating in clear polish so it takes a while to build up. I think it would be better to layer this. This swatch is 4 coats and as you can see I still have VNL.

And as you know, I am just not into orange. But I think I could like this if it wasn't so sheer.

On The Wild Side. This one is not my cup of tea either. However, I will admit I was not wearing base coat, and had I been wearing it, this swatch would not look so terrible.
Dark gunmetal gray/silver metallic frost. Very streaky and unforgiving. 2 coats.
I like the color but not the finish.

Rule Breaker. This one I dig!
Dark teal green frost, but not metallic like the last one. This one I love! It can show brushstrokes but it doesn't show imperfections. 2 coats.

I think it is very pretty despite the brush strokes!

Now for the big win:

Wild At Heart. Grape purple holo.
Again, similar to China Glaze Tronica formula. 2 coats.
Love love love this. I love almost anything purple, and making it a sparkly holo is even better.

This one looks holo in sun and in fluorescent light. It's pretty cool.

Awesome polish.
And now for... a yucky one.

With Abandon. Dark brown base with golden brown shimmer... 2 coats.
I'm sure this could be lovely to some people but I just don't like this kind of color.

There you have it! 3 hits, 3 misses. Plus an okay topcoat.


  1. With Abandon is my favorite out of those, actually! I also really love the nude holo.

  2. I have a couple from this collex but had no idea how nice the whole thing is. Also, I have a mannequin hands holo that is odd but I like it - its ChG Spin Me Round - now that I'm thinking of it I wonder how similar it would be to CC Love Em/Leave Em?