Monday, May 23, 2011

revlon - wind fall - swatch and review

Good morning!
Before I post these pictures I want to apologize for my cuticles - I was trying a new nail polish remover, but evidently it did not work as good as it should have, because my cuticles are dark and messy from the polish I was wearing before this one.

Okay so despite that, this is the best polish I have tried in a long time.


What makes this so amazing? The formula. 2 coats that actually did dry at TOP SPEED as the label suggests.
Seriously! Fastest drying non-matte polish I have ever put on my nails.
I painted them, did a very small amount of clean up, stood up to get my camera, and it was dry.
But not only was it dry, it was like rock hard and glossy and felt like I had already applied Seche Vite.

The shimmer is just gorgeous.
So many polishes I've been trying lately end up being new favorites!

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you would know that this is my "problem color" but you'll be happy to know that it isn't dupe-y to anything I own.

Nothing on the wheel is a match!
And then I remembered Sinful Colors Mint Apple and thought "oh no, that might be a dupe" because of the shimmer, but then I picked up the bottles, and Wind Fall is quite a bit darker.

If you like teal/turquoise, run to the store and buy this.
So. Amazing.
I wonder if the rest of the new Top Speed shades are as awesome as this one.
I might have to get more.
(Too bad I bought this one on the last day of a half off sale! I didn't have time to go back and get more! Haha)

I'm currently wearing some nail art over this color - I'll post that later!


  1. LOVE it! Want it! But the store that sells Revlon only carries a small selection, so don't think they have it. *Goes to Ebay*

  2. This reminds me of a sparkly Orly Gumdrop.. not that I have either and would know but just in my head lol

    P.S. i tagged you for a blooger award

  3. This one is very pretty! I didn't realize it had shimmer when I saw it in the store.

  4. Similar to CG Turned Up Turquoise?

  5. Such a gorgeous color!
    I'm sucker for everything that's like turquoise.

    One disadvantage of living in a small country - they don't sell Revlon here anymore. :D

  6. @Jessica, nope! Turned Up Turquoise is #2 on the wheel I'm holding. TUT is MUCH brighter :)

  7. Love the color it does look very unique!

  8. Must buy this one! So pretty! :)

  9. A shimmery turquoise? I want it!

  10. Im definitley picking this up. Such a gorgeous color, i really like the shimmer in it.

  11. I'm so glad you called it out as your problem color because I was SO thinking it when I saw this swatch! I have to agree with you this is gorgeous. I feel like I HAVE to get this color because I have the plates and Teal of Fortune which means I can wear this awesome mani too!

  12. Haha, we have same "problem color"!! I compulsively buy teal/aqua shades and have sooo many!! This one is gorgeous and now I need it!

  13. I finally managed to find a bottle of this at a CVS...and it was on sale :). Your pictures made me have to have it!