Wednesday, March 9, 2011

40 days

40 days of what you say? Lent.
I'm not religious, however, I've decided to stop buying polish for Lent this year.
My polish buying has gotten out of hand, and I have acknowledged that.
I figure no collections will come out before Easter, so no buying until after Easter.
(This does not include anything my boyfriend may buy me, or anything I convince my mom to get me for Easter... or the Tronica polishes Kayla Shevonne has coming for us because technically those were arranged before lent. OH and if I find the remaining CG Crackle I need, that doesn't count.)

Good luck to me and to any other polish addicts who have chosen to do this!

So on the first day of Lent, I have some simple nail art for you.

I don't go matte much, but when I did this I was craving the matte look.

For the dots I used 3 unnamed polishes I've had since I was little.
The black is Wet N Wild Wild Shine Black Creme, with Icing's Matte About You topcoat.

I like the matte look, but the chips just kill me!
Matte = no Seche Vite = very quick chipping.

So day 1 of no polish buying is coming to a close.
The idea of not buying polish is making me remember all the polishes I've been thinking about buying lately... haha!
I was planning on picking up a few more Color Addict shades, I've been awaiting Milani Gems to show up here, and the new Insta-Dry polishes are "coming soon" to my Walmarts.
I guess those things will fall under boyfriend or easter polishes :P

I took some pictures of yesterday's haul to mark my last haul until Easter.

China Glaze - Four Leaf Clover (a friend bought this, hated it, and gave it to me!)
China Glaze - Gamer Glam
China Glaze - Electra Magenta
Orly - Royal Velvet
Finger Paints - Carnation Creation (and the cute ring that comes with it!)
As you can see, I also got another rhinestone wheel, 3mm. From eBay.

I took some closeups to show the pretty polishes!

Gamer Glam, Electra Magenta
The holo particles in these polishes aren't very noticeable, I hope it shows up a bit more on the nail.
I can't wait to try stamping with these!!

I couldn't capture all the colors of this polish with the limited time I had this morning to take these photos, but it is really gorgeous.
Dark purple/blue/blurple with lighter blue flash, sometimes in the bottle you can even see pink.
Hopefully when I swatch this it will show all it's beautiful colors.

That's all for today!
Wish me luck!


  1. Ah you made me want those China Glaze polishes !
    Good luck with not buying polishes, lady !
    Xx. S

  2. i love your nail pic, simple but so cute!

    i should join you with not buying anything, but i don't know if i have the self control lol

  3. Can't wait for the Tronicas to get here!

    And yeah I've also considered a no-buy but I just know it won't happen, haha. However, there are few collections coming out within the next month so I do see myself spending less than normal.

    Also, what are the new Insta-Dri's you talked about? I don't think I've heard/read anything about them!

  4. ^ there are some new colors coming out, i've seen other bloggers posting some of them, and i saw a sign at one of our walmarts saying "coming soon new shades" or something.
    they are more exciting for me where insta-dry polishes stamp well! they aren't very original shades. there is a gray and a yellow and a nice shimmery blue and a dupe for Millennium that also stamps really well! where you don't have konad you probably don't need to get any!

    jess & S. - thanks!
    and jess i bet you could do it too!

  5. are so cute! I loved the fine print (this doesnt include....and....and....and.) Good Luck to you! Beautiful mani btw.

  6. I hope the no buy works for you. I have serious self control issues lately when it comes to polish. Just when I think I'm good and can stop buying for a while, something fabulous catches my eye, or I come across an incredible deal that I can't stand to pass up.

  7. Good luck :) I like your exeptions! haha.. :) But it's very brave of you to do this! :p

    I like your mani.. Maybe it helps the chipping if you put a coat of seche vite and then your matte topcoat?

  8. thanks guys :) i like my exceptions too haha. i can't miss out on anything!!!

    and Swååfie, i tried that once but it wouldn't go as matte over the SV. i might try again though!

  9. i'm going to give it a shot, at least for moral support lol

    it's kind of unfair though, i'm not going to have exceptions like you have :p

  10. I wish Seche made a Matte Top Coat! That would be amazing!

  11. I bet Gamer Glam would look great in a matte finish!!