Thursday, March 31, 2011

sally hansen color quick chrome pens - review and stamping swatches!

Hey guys, I'm really excited to do this review for you today, because I'm really excited about this product!

Sally Hansen Color Quick Pens, in six of the Chrome shades!

I took about a million pictures of these and of the manicure I did with them, so see all that and the review after the jump!

The reason I bought these was because I had seen a few other bloggers use them for stamping.
And I love me some good stamping polish.

These pens retail in Walmart in Canada for $7.43 each. But I got all six on ebay for just under $15!
I'd never tried any of these Color Quick pens until now. I was pretty skeptical about them but they really are great!
The tube on the inside is almost completely full, so you get a lot of product, which I wasn't expecting.
They are really sturdy, and they don't feel cheap. 

There are 2 I didn't get - Silver and Gold - because I have China Glaze Millennium and 2030 which are great for stamping.

I love the colors. What you see in the tubes is fairly close to how they look on the nail.
Here is a size comparison.

Don't you love my beautiful photography? Hah! I have a really good camera, I might as well give it something to photograph other than my nails.

This is what the brush looks like before you begin using it. Seems a bit crappy but it really isn't once the polish starts flowing!

I decided that for my review/manicure I would use every color on different nails with the same pattern, and so I chose one of my favorite stamps - the zebra image from Bundle Monster BM16.

Okay, so first of all, you shouldn't follow the instructions on the package.

As you can see here, it says to click the top of the pen 5 to 7 times to start the flow of color. No.
I didn't read this before I started which is good because I probably would have just started clicking away, assuming it would take a while.
Some of the pens only took one click to dispense enough color to cover the image on the plate.
If you were painting your nails with it I can imagine it would take maybe three clicks to get the color far enough down the brush for an even application, but when you're just slapping it onto a plate you don't need to be neat. 1-3 clicks was enough for all pens to start adequate color flow.

This is what the brush looks like once you've started using it:

The bristles don't fan out so much.
At first it seems when you click the top that there isn't much product on the brush, but it hides in there. I advise you to try using it after one click, and if you can't get enough, click again. Don't just keep clicking until you see a bunch come out.

I was worried that the brushes would dry out where they are just inside a screw-on cap, but I checked the brushes the morning after using and they were still wet! This pleased me very much. I'm happy they will last!

Now, on to the colors and manicure!
(I warn you, my fingers look really fat in the single swatches because of the way I was holding on to the pens! Haha)

The first one I used was Red Chrome.

As you can see, it isn't really a true red. It leans a bit more pink and a little bit orangey at times.
Coverage was really good, easy stamping. Instant delight!

Fuchsia Chrome. Gorgeous deep pink. Probably the most opaque color, I experienced no bald spots in the stamp.
The color flowed from this one really quickly and I ended up doing three nails with it because I didn't want to waste the polish!

Green Chrome. A really nice light green shade. Nothing else to say about this one!

Purple Chrome. Now you know me and purple, but this isn't the best purple. It is a really silvery purple, and I would have preferred a true purple. But I still like it!
When I used this one, I only had one nail left to do so I didn't want to dispense very much product, but I ended up not quite getting enough onto the image and I was left with some bald spots. I'm sure this wouldn't be a problem if I had enough on the brush.

Pink Chrome. As you can see, this one is really silvery too. Had there not been a Fuchsia one, this probably would have been a huge disappointment. But Fuchsia filled the true pink need, so this one is just a bonus pink!

Turquoise Chrome. I saved the best for last! You know me and turquoise. It is a bit more blue than turquoise, but I loooove it. This is my favorite. (Fuchsia is a close second.) Excuse the messy stamping on this one, I missed the tip of the nail and had to try and fill it in with little bits left on the stamper.

Now here they are all together!

(click to enlarge)

So happy with all of these!

Turquoise, Fuchsia, Green, Pink, Red
Smudged Fuchsia :( , Purple, Turquoise, Red, Fuchsia
Here are some photos without flash to show the colors in another way.

I'm so in love with these.
If you like stamping, you NEED these. I mean it.

I have like a billion ideas swirling around in my head for what to do with them next.

(click to enlarge)

Which one is your favorite?
I hope you enjoyed this review!


  1. LOVE these! Now I need them! :D

  2. They're very pretty. Did you say you used a plate to get the pattern?

  3. Charlotte, yes I did! I used plate BM16 from the original Bundle Monster plate set.

  4. I love the review AND the mani!

  5. i really like the fuchsia, and what an awesome mani. i know you were probably doing it that way for the review, but all the different colors are cute!! :o)

  6. Wow, totally need to get these! I've been hunting a good red stamping polish!

  7. annelise, antonia, thank you!
    jess, i didn't just do it for swatching purposes!! haha. i was impatiently awaiting for these to arrive to have rainbow metallic zebra nails haha!
    leslie, the red is a tad pink but could do the trick!

  8. Oh, I love these! The colors look gorgeous on you! :) Love the mani!

  9. These look great :) I have some of these in the regular colors...I wonder if those would work at all for stamping...

  10. I love all of them !
    Too bad I can't get them in my country ><
    Plus i have a complete CG Khrome collection, so it's wouldn't be reasonnable, would it lol

  11. OMG Rebecca i hope i didn't sound rude, sorry. i should have known you planned it out, and it wasn't just a happy accident lol

  12. noooooo don't worry, you didn't sound rude! just letting you know that yes, there is a method to my madness (sometimes)

  13. I went out and hunted red chrome! It's mine now, hooray! I cant wait to do some red metallic kissy lips! :* Lol

  14. WOW! This mani would've been a great submission for the BM plates contest too! Love all the colors, especially together. Again, wow!

  15. Oh I saw these in my Rite Aid but didn't have money. The box picture made me think it was more "mirror" type than chrome... disappoints me a bit :( But nonetheless, cute mani! :)

  16. I snagged a bunch of these on clearance... CVS had them for $2!!

  17. what a great find! gotta love ebay! :)

  18. For the record, these things really are my favorite for stamping. :)

  19. you should try stamping with them if you havent already. they work amazing!!!!!

  20. I actually just bought the blue, purple, and green at the flea market today for $0.50! :D I am OBSESSED! I love you what did with them :)