Thursday, March 10, 2011

collection!! and storage!!

Because I am on a no-buy for the next 40 days, I figured it would be a good time to do a collection and storage post.
Also I decided not to go to school today, so I figured it would be fun to take on this project!
The picture taking was fast, the posting? Not so much.

At the very end of the post, I'm going to post an old picture of my collection that was taken around this time last year... big changes.

Here is a preview of what's to come...

I've decided to name the polishes in the caption of the pictures to make it a little neater.
Also I'm going to start with basecoat/topcoat, then crappy ones and work my way into better polishes, and end with Sally Hansen, OPI, and China Glaze.
Here we go!!

Seche Retain basecoat, Seche Vite topcoat x2
(I need to throw the mostly used one out soon)
Lip Smackers Cosmic Nails
These were my first ever polishes! They are no good anymore but I can't part with them.
Kiwi Kosmos, Raspberry Rainbow, Galactic Grape

No-name set, Mood Changing Pink (apparently I was on trend at 10 years old)
Random No-names
More random things that have names but aren't recognizable
The Color Institute (no-name set)
CR (dollar store no-names), GOSH - Black Passion, L'Oreal Jet-set - Zippy,
Avon - Spring Fling, Rimmel Lycra - Black Satin, Rimmel 60 Seconds - Night Before

Ardene - Matte About Blue, Pink, Royal Blue, Neon Green, Grapevine (x2)
N.Y.C. - 108A, Times Square Tangerine, 114A, East Village
Wet N Wild - Impudique, 416A, 454C
Wild Shine - Tickled Pink, Dreamy Poppy, Kaleidoscope, Black Creme (x2)
Runts Scented set, "LCN" set
L.A. Colors Art Deco - Black, Silver Glitter, Revlon - Violet, Peach Smoothie,
Milani Nail Art - Purple Outline, Finger Paints - Carnation Creation, Sketchy Character
Claires - Pillow Fight, Tahiti Purple, Pink Slime Machine,
Mood Color Changing - Peaceful/Confident
Joe Fresh - Powder Blue, Butter, Faded Violet,
Steel, Imperial, Beet
Icing - Matte About You Topcoat, Marine Blue, Purple Pj's,
Mint 2 Be, Blackout
L.A. Colors Color Craze - Static Electricity, Nuclear Energy, Sea Siren,
Atomic, Hot Blooded
L.A. Girl Rockstar - Overdose, Nude Nail Lacquer - Secret,
Color Addict - Obsess, Disco Brites - Hustle
Wet N Wild Fast Dry - Teal of Fortune, Hannah Pinktana, Fushiarama,
Party of Five Glitters
Sinful Colors - San Francisco, Purple Diamond, What's Your Name
Nicole By OPI - You're An Angel, Positive Energy (matte), One Less Lonely Glitter
Orly - Candy Cane Lane, Blushing Bud, Bailamos, Royal Velvet
Color Club - Untamed Luxury: Every Shade of Indulgence
Color Club - Catwalk Queen (missing polish is on the way along with another single)
Wild At Heart, Single polish - Uptown Girl
eBay 2-way Nail Art Pens, set of 60
Phew! That was a LOT already.
Count so far: 150, including the 2 on the way, not including the 60 pens.
On 2 the last 3 brands!

Sally Hansen:
Complete Salon Manicure - Calypso Blue, Trouble Maker, Hidden Treasure
Nail Growth Miracle - Practical Plum, Advanced Hard As Nails - Myth
Nail Prisms - Lapis Amythyst (of course 10-year-old me didn't buy a holo one!!)
Insta-Dri - Lickety-split Lime, Brisk Blue, Presto Pink
HD - Spectrum, DVD, Laser
Xtreme Wear - White On, Disco Ball, Mystic Lilac, Gunmetal,
Rockstar Pink, Shooting Star, Power Pink (x3)
Green With Envy, Going Green, Turquoise, Emerald City, Marine Scene,
Pacific Blue, Blue Me Away!, Ocean View
Deep Purple, Psychedelic Purple, Virtual Violet, Red Carpet,
Caribbean Coral, Sun Kissed, Mellow Yellow

DS Coronation, Dim Sum Plum, Jade Is The New Black,
Ski Teal We Drop (not color accurate), You Don't Know Jacques,
Do You Think I'm Tex-y, Ink, Nevermore mini
Mad As A Hatter, Absolutely Alice, Last Friday Night,
Teenage Dream, Black Shatter (x2)
Extra-va-va-ganza, Bring On The Bling, Glow Up Already,
Simmer and Shimmer, Show It and Glow It, Sparkle-icious

China Glaze:
(for some reason I love this picture)
Electra Magenta, Gamer Glam, Below Deck, Recycle (x2),
Awakening, Millennium, 2030

(this photo is mostly over-exposed and inaccurate)
Atlantis, Four Leaf Clover, Shower Together, For Audrey,
Frostbite, Turned Up Turquoise, Purple Panic
Broken Hearted Crackle, Crushed Candy Crackle,
Strawberry Fields, Flying Dragon, Spontaneous

Rainbow, It's Poppin', Entourage, Sky-High Tops, Rich and Famous

There you have it! All my nail polish.
Total: 231.
Or 291 if you include the 60 pens.

I also decided to snap a pic of my plates and rhinestones/etc!

(click to enlarge. i left this picture huge to see all the goodies)
(the bullion bead wheel is broken/spilling, i have a replacement coming)
eBay 30 set, Bundle Monster set,
eBay 12 set, Konad m3, m24, m57, m60, m63, m71

Okay, now that you've seen basically everything I own, here is how I store it all!

4 drawer tower! The blue case on top is the 60 pens.
Clear case is China Glaze.
Top drawer: All Sally Hansen + 2 Color Club sets
Second drawer: Everything except CG, OPI, Orly, Color Club, Sally Hansen.
This drawer is overflowing, the messy part is like 3 layers.
(The messy ones are too tall to stand up.)
Third drawer: Case with OPI, Nicole by OPI, and Orly, 2 Color Club sets,
brushes, Runts set, rhinestones etc, Seche products, scissors, tape.
Remover, false nail sets, rhinestone kits, OPI Girls Love Gold bag (loove this),
nail dryer, swatch wheels, leopard case full of plates, plus other random stuff.

I keep my OPI glitters on display because I love them so much.

On my bookshelf next to a painting I did!
artsy shot!
Holy crap that was time consuming.
I hope you guys enjoy this so it wasn't a waste of time!!

As promised, here is my collection almost exactly one year ago:

I had about sixty, and nothing besides drugstore stuff.
The case that now holds just China Glaze used to hold everything.
A few months before this was taken the case actually closed, too.

I can't believe how long this was.
I had fun! I hope you guys had fun reading too!


  1. That's a huge collection, my bf complaint about me having 102 polishes, if he look at this he will fall to the floor xD

  2. Damn, one day I must reach this level! Ive only got like .. 40 maybe :( And no OPI or CG theyre so expensive and hard to find in stores in the UK

  3. lol agree b/f moans at my ever flowing collection....pfft men!

    Love your collection hunny!


  4. I loved this! I've been debating doing a stash post myself. I like the added touch of showing what used to contain them all!

  5. i am in awe!! Thank you so much for taking the time to show us :o)

    i thought i had a pretty good collection, but now i realize i have very little lol I really need to work on it.

    i can't believe it all fits in that tower!!!

  6. I loved seeing pictures of your polish collection!!! Very cool! :) You have loads of awesome polishes!!!

  7. youre going to think im NUTS for getting this excited over this but that no-name one, the blue with the really long handle??

    i have a whole set of those LOL. theyre scented like lollipops and came in a metal holder upside down with candywrappers on them :D my late grandmother got me them YEARS ago and i havent had the heart to get rid of them so they stand proudly in my collection ahaha!

  8. thats an awesome painting and organizing of course

  9. thanks everyone :)
    i'm lucky enough to have a boyfriend who not only doesn't complain about my collection, but he even enables it hahaha!! he bought a good many there.
    maybe i'll see if i can remember which ones and count...
    ok, i think 19!

    jess, my mom was surprised it all fits in too.

    cathryn, i know!! i remember buying it as a kid and loving the wrapping. it is a gorgeous color too! i actually wear it a lot.

  10. oh, he also bought me the 60 pens too... enabler!! haha

  11. You are making it hard for me to stick with the program lol

  12. LOL well, technically sundays arent included in lent, so go on a spree on sunday!!

  13. i showed my roommate this post and she said "you aren't going to get that much are you?" lol

    yes i am...on Sunday lol (i'm kidding...maybe)

  14. Oh my... *unable to close my mouth* :O
    Awesome stash!

  15. Wowzers. My collection feels even more meagre than it did before. I must remedy this *strokes chin* :-)

  16. I really like seeing how other polish lovers store their stashes :) Especially seeing I am trying to think of a good way to store/contain my quickly growing stash.

  17. that teddy bear one, i had a pink sparkly glitter one just like it...aww brought back memories!

    nice collection!

  18. Do you remember where the no name set is from? The round ones with the white cap? They look so familiar, and I can't place them! I think I must have had some when I was younger. The Smackers nail polish is also bringing me back!

  19. thanks everyone! i'm happy i brought back some memories for people! haha.

    nicole, i don't know exactly but i know it was in a big set all together with some kiddy makeup and stuff too!
    i would imagine my aunt got it for me at shoppers drug mart where she works. she started my polish habit when i was little!
    i've managed to keep most of those old ones usable with some thinner!

  20. Nice collection! Love the OPI polishes, so pretty!

  21. oh wow! I still have that same bottle of Nail Prism! Bought it for prom 2005, it matched my dress perfectly!

  22. Ha!
    I came across your blog googling for the Smackers Nail polish.
    My grandparents gave it to me almost 20 years ago, but I actually still use it. I put in a drop of nailpolish thinner every now and then and it still dries fine ;)