Sunday, March 13, 2011

sally hansen HD - byte

As I mentioned last night, I have an amazing combo for you today.
Sally Hansen HD in Byte, layered over Black.
Holy. Gorgeous.

The bottle is pretty, but it is nothing compared to what it looks like over black.

(click to enlarge)
I took a billion photos of this but narrowed it down to 15.
Keep reading for more!

This is so unbelievably different in different lights.
I took photos of it last night but then had to take more this morning in the sun because it changed again.
So many colors!
I had to use 2 cameras to capture the colors right.
You need to click and enlarge these photos to really see the greatness.

When you look at this out of direct light, it is a really dark shade with just a bit of pink shimmer. You put it under the light... and boom.

Amazing pink and purple duochrome.

My DSLR's flash really showed the blue particles.

So many colors!

So much shimmer!

This next picture was taken by the light of my laptop screen. I love this photo! It looks matte here but it isn't.

Okay, that's all for the artificial photos. Now for the sunlight pictures.

The blue/blurple just came out so intensely in the sun!

I was not expecting it to look like this in the sun. It's really even brighter and more sparkley in person.

Last one! Saving the best sunlight picture for last

There you have it.
2 coats of Byte over Wild Shine Black Creme.

Are you as in awe as I am?!

I definitely recommend buying this. It is about $6 at Walmart. You need to see it for yourself!!

After this amazing discovery I decided to do the other hand with another HD shade. Look out for that tomorrow!


  1. holy cow! this is stunning!

    Thanks for sharing this! i love it!


  2. Wow, it's gorgeous!
    I think I have all of the HD shades but have never really used any of them but I'll be rethinking that after seeing these photos!

  3. amazing!! i'm impressed :)

  4. I've been trying over half my polishes over black recently, and half of them look SO amazing, like this one!

  5. Amazing! Need to get it eheh

  6. I must say I am not one for hot pink, but I love the way it looks over black. I have some of the HD collection and love it. I am now tempted to go pick byte up

  7. I wore this color over hot pink last week and really liked it. Now I want to try it over black...ugh but so many untrieds... :P

  8. jaded_imp, you won't regret getting it!

    and I know what you mean about the untrieds, Johnna! I meant to use one today but then ended up using some favorites instead!

  9. This is gorgeous! Thank you for showing this! I have this polish and never imagined it will look so AWESOME on black! :D