Saturday, March 5, 2011

la girl color addict - obsess - swatch and review

Hey, today I have one of the new LA Girl polishes I bought the other day swatched and ready to show you!
LA Girl Color Addict - Obsess.

Inexplicably, the Color Addict line isn't on the LA Girl website. However I was able to find a (pretty crappy) shade range here.
The names of these polishes thrill me!
I'm sure you can imagine how hard it was for me to only buy one of these while staring at the display full of bright colors. (Of course, I went for a teal.)
Each polish in this line is a nice saturated creme shade with golden shimmer.

LA Girl is surprisingly good for the price. They are $2.99 each here. And B3F! And cruelty free!
On to the polish!

The formula was excellent. No flooding, nearly totally opaque in one coat, but I probably could have gotten away with one if I made it a bit thicker.

This photo is color-accurate:

(click to enlarge)
See all the shimmer in the bottle? As usual it isn't as noticeable on the nail, but it's still there!
This next photo isn't color accurate but shows some shimmer.

(click to enlarge)
I'm really happy I picked this color. I have a lot of teal/turquoise but nothing quite like this.
I'm wearing it as a full mani now with a little somethin-somethin on top, I'll show that in my next post :)

(I might have to go back and get more of this collection. How can you not need a nail polish called "Delirious")


  1. i just had to look at the names, they are awesome!! Habit seems kind of appropriate doesn't it? lol

    This is another nice there a bad one?? :o)

  2. haha the bottle in the last pic looks HUGE in your hands!

    love the color, very pretty!

  3. Very pretty color. Love the shimmer.