Monday, March 14, 2011

sally hansen HD - laser

As promised yesterday, here is another Sally Hansen HD polish layered over black for your viewing pleasure!

This one is called Laser.
It is nice too, but not as nice as the gem that is Byte.
(Please excuse my one short nail. I didn't want to cut the rest off after I broke it, but I'm going to cut them tonight.)

More pictures after the jump!
Laser is a dark blue and purple duochrome, and in the sunlight/camera flash a much lighter blue shows up as well.
Again I had to use my older camera to pick up the colors correctly.

These polishes are so strange!

I just didn't expect the black base to change them so much.

Now for some sunlight pictures.

Love it!

I might try out my other 2 shades over black tonight - Spectrum and DVD.
Spectrum I'm not expecting too much from, but who knows! DVD I am betting will be cool.
Keep an eye out for those!

P.S. I am continually failing at polish-lent. I bought an Essie that I've always wanted yesterday. :(
Oh well. I'll be good from now on. (Probably.)


  1. Amazing! Every picture showed a different color. i have seen those in the store but have passed, maybe i need to rethink that.

    and i don't believe you about not buying anything else lol JK!! :o)

  2. It does look good, but I have to admit I do prefer the byte. That just might be because I am a fan of warmer colours though.