Saturday, March 5, 2011

wet n wild - party of five glitters

After I swatched Obsess last night, I added a little "somethin-something" as I said in my last post.
That polish was from the new Wet N Wild collection, Party Of Five Glitters!

I wanted this polish really badly to somewhat soothe my need for Deborah Lippmann's Happy Birthday, however when it finally arrived here I wasn't able to get a bottle.
Luckily, my friend and fellow blogger picked up the last 2 bottles at one of our local Walmart's, and offered one to me!
So we had a little swap.
Go check out her blog, Beauty by Kayla Shevonne!
She is a doll and she will be having a huge giveway when she reaches 500 followers.
I have some inside details - it's gonna be good!

So last night was the first time I used my PO5G.
It isn't as glitter-packed as Happy Birthday, but it is still super cute!

Here is a closeup of the glitter.

The 5 glitters in the "party" are all hexagonal, there are small red & green pieces, medium fuchsia and blue, and large silver.
Happy Birthday has more colors but hey, this is still cool.

I sponged it onto the tips of Obsess!

The glitter is super sparkley. It is sunny out now and I keep twisting my fingers in the light to see the light reflect off all the different particles.

Sponging it onto the tips was sort of difficult, to get enough glitter on there you also ended up with a thick layer of the clear base as well, which can get messy and gloopy.
I had to put some on, wait for it to dry, and then add a second layer, to get the amount of glitter that I wanted.

I'm really happy with how this turned out!
Thanks again Kayla :)


  1. I like how it looks, very party thing :D

  2. Oooh very pretty, love glittery polishes like this :-)xx

  3. Thanks for the shout out! And that combo looks really pretty! I always struggle with what I should pair with this/Lippmann Happy Birthday and always just end up doing black, haha.

  4. Nice, festive nails you got there!