Saturday, March 26, 2011

milani 3D - HD - swatch and review and comparison

Hi guys, I have my last Milani 3D for you today.
This one is called HD.

HD is a silver holo, not quite linear but almost there.
The glitter in this one is more fine than it's green and blue counterparts.

(click to enlarge)

More pictures and a video of it in action after the jump!

This polish applied pretty easy, no dragging or bald spots.
It took 4 coats for full opacity though.

The holo isn't that strong, but you can definitely see it.
Here are some sunlight shots:

 Now for the glittery holographic video!

I really like this polish. I also like how I got it on sale for just $2.99.
It removes super easily too.

While swatching this, I realized I have a polish really similar to it.
That I paid 14.99+tax for.
OPI DS Coronation.

Index and middle fingers: Coronation. Ring and pinky: HD. All four coats.

Pretty much identical.

HD is a bit more holo than Coronation. And Coronation was way harder to clean up/remove.
This bummed me out really bad. What a waste of money!
So I went to Chatters and they let me exchange it! That's why I now have DS Extravagance.

I hope the one I recently bought from Color Club on eBay (Worth The Risque) isn't too similar. That would bum me out again!
Forever searching for a true silver holo.

Well, that's the end of my Milani 3D's! Maybe one day I'll have the other three to show you if someone swaps with me or if I find them on ebay.


  1. A true silver holo would be GOSH Holographic, but I don't know if you have access to that?

    This polish is really pretty as well!

  2. GOSH is a true linear holo, there are others that are scattered holos, though.

  3. omg, where di you get the milani on sale? i must go there!! :D

  4. Linear or not, it's very pretty :)

  5. Was your thumb done in a different color? It looked purple??

  6. thanks everyone!
    Ilse, Ashley A: I don't have access to that color :( We have GOSH here but that polish has never been one of the ones in stock.

    laheelahee: i got it at lawton's drugs. i don't know if you're in canada though!

    jess: yes lol. i had Electra Magenta on my thumbs still, with a holo topcoat on it. i was wearing that color when the swatching began and i never bothered to take it off where my thumb isn't in the pictures. hahaha