Wednesday, March 23, 2011

china glaze tronica collection - gamer glam - swatch and review

I have my other China Glaze Tronica polish to show you guys today.

Here is Gamer Glam!

Gamer Glam is a light purple holo, but the holo is very subtle.

(click to enlarge)
More pictures, including sunlight ones, after the jump!

This is a pretty color, but I'm not sure if it is very "me."
I love purple, as you may already know, but this shade isn't really calling to me.
All photos clickable.

Now for sunlight!

Even in the sun, this one isn't very holographic.

As I said for my other Tronica polish, this didn't stamp well over white or black.

And like Electra Magenta, this applied really well. It requires 2 coats.
It also cleaned up and removed really easy.
No complaints!

I have 4 or 5 more holo posts for you guys coming up! And that will be all of my holos.

I'm off to study!
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  1. Ooo, both the Gamer Glam and Electra Magenta look gorgeous!!! I still need to try these babies out! I posted/entered your giveaway! :)

  2. i agree with you Rebecca, it's a pretty enough color but it's just not very exciting. i bet you find something exciting to do with at some point lol

  3. i really like this holo purple. i think maybe it's because it is not that flashy and quite felt much softer purple to me... :)

  4. Hey! Yes, omg that lunchbox's so cute! And loved the purple/pink HK mani, it's funky but still cute :)