Thursday, March 24, 2011

milani 3d - cyberspace - swatch and review

Second post today!
When I post swatches I don't feel like I posted much substance, so I'm posting again!

This is the second of the Milani 3D's I was able to find when I went hunting for dusties/oldies.

Cyberspace is a light blue scattered holo. Opaque for me in 3 coats, with the last one being pretty thick.

(click to enlarge)
More pictures after the jump.

I'm not a big fan light blue, but I really enjoyed this when I swatched it!

As you can see, this isn't as holo as the one from earlier, Hi-Tech.

Removal was easy as pie.
Now for some sunlight pictures.

As you can see, even in the sun it wasn't very holographic.
I love it anyway! I think it is a really pretty color.

I love Hi-Tech for the holo, but I love this one for the pretty sparkly blue.

PS: Good thing I called off polish lent.
This week's babies:

Milani Jewel FX: Gems and Gold
Found these at a Lawton's a bit further away from home.

China Glaze: Senorita Bonita (Island Escape), First Mate (Anchors Away)
OPI: DS Extravagance
My Chatter's had the CG Island Escape collection out early :)
When it gets in to Sally's I might also pick up one of the cremes from the collection.
Also I decided I needed navy blue creme, so I got First Mate.
And I had a DS polish to exchange, so I got Extravagance!
I'll swatch some of these soon! I might even do Senorita Bonita tonight.

I rocked an exam today, so I deserved a reward!!


  1. Great haul, Extravagance is one of my favorites. :) Can't wait to see these ChG from Island Escape. :) I haven't seen any swatches yet. :) And Milani Gold is just stunning! <3

  2. i found those exact same jewel fx at walgreens about a weeks ago. i was so excited (they were the absolute last bottles). now if only i can find the silver one!

  3. oooh the 3d holo's are nice!! i skipped on them a few days ago, it didnt look that great in the bottle. but now, i will definitely pick them up! thanks :D