Monday, March 21, 2011

sinful colors ocean polishes

Hey, quick post today.

While shopping with my mom over the weekend I stumbled upon 2 of the Ocean colors from Sinful.
I know Green Ocean is quite sought after, I'm not sure if these are.

I swatched them both over black because they are very sheer.

Blue Ocean - sheer blue base with blue glitter and blue-green flakes.
Deep Red Ocean - sheer pink base with strange colored flakes and glitter - green, orange blue. No red or pink. Why isn't this called Pink Ocean? It's pink!

2 coats each.
It was hard to get the flakes to show really well but I think you get a good idea with these pictures.
The flakes in Deep Red Ocean seem to be bigger, or I might just not have gotten big ones on my brush for the Blue Ocean swatch.

Blue Ocean's base is a bit less sheer and gives a blue hue to the black while Deep Red Ocean's base doesn't change the black at all.

I'm happy I found these! I can't wait to try layering them over other colors.

I have an exam on Thursday as well as having an online discussion and French composition due the same day. I also have to somehow find time to get bloodwork done between school and work.
No guarantees on posts every day this week.

I really hope we get some sun between my classes tomorrow, I might be able to do a few quick holo swatches in between studying!

Oh also, you may have noticed I've added some pages to the top of my blog.
The most interesting being my wish list! I'm sure it is missing a lot but I think it is cute to have it there.
I'm trying to decide what other things I could make pages for. Any ideas?


  1. Hey! Thanks for the swatch suggestion. You're so smart :)

  2. Wow! I only have the green one (forgot the name lol) But didn't know there was blue and red ones :O Nice comparisons btw!

  3. you could make a page for tutorials maybe :)

  4. good suggestion! maybe i'll start doing them.

  5. Could these be Zoya fleck effect dupes?

    1. not quite, these are big and textured with glitter, while the zoya ones are thin, smooth, and flakies only. the zoya ones change in color as well while these do not. hope that helps!

  6. Sally Hansen Diamond Strength has 2 kinds of flakies ones frosty colored called glass slipper but and transparent pink color..they are the ones in new diamond cut looking bottle! I have Glass Slipper but they are small flakies so you cant do more than one coat! Revlon has a 2 ended nail polish duo, the lines called moon candy and they have flakies in an array of colors!