Thursday, March 3, 2011

mint marble nail fail

As I said the day before yesterday, I spent my day off water marbling.
Before I got the cute Kicks one done, I had tried out a mint and lavender marble like one I had seen on WAH nails.
However, my mint did not want to play nice.

You couldn't even tell it was mint!
Over the white it just looked white. Some of the nails were cute but this is the type of marble I can't keep on my nails. Haha!
For this marble I used:
Icing - Mint 2 Be
China Glaze - Spontaneous
Joe Fresh - Faded Violet

I've had a bit of school work to do again this week, I'm hoping to get to redo my nails tonight or tomorrow.

As a side note, can anyone identify this mystery polish that has found it's way into my Color Club Catwalk Queen set?!

Dusty mauve purple, not taupe-y, highly pigmented.
Mystery polish!


  1. It's a shame that it didn't cooperate! Its a great idea, just needs more pigmented mint. Perhaps another brand would work better? Maybe chg refresh mint?

  2. but its looks good like that :o

  3. That purple polish could maybe either be Uptown Girl or Ms. Socialite from the Rebel Debutante Collection!??? :) Not 100% sure, though...

  4. I like the designs you got on your pinky and index finger!! :o)

  5. Leslie, I don't own that color but I'm thinking maybe if I use mint as my base instead of white I could get better results!

    LadyLuck, thank you! :)

    Natalie, after checking some swatches, I think it is Uptown Girl!!
    Weird, a polish from this year's spring collection in the set from last spring.

    Jess, those are my favorite fingers too!

  6. And by "this year" I actually meant 2010 haha.

  7. Yay! :) I'm glad you were able to find out. Ross department stores can be really unorganized sometimes. lol. But, I LOVE that they carry the collection sets! :) BTW, your nails look great!! I really need to try water marbling sometime. It looks awesome!