Thursday, March 17, 2011


I'm almost out of all the pictures I've saved up to post.
Guess I'll have to start doing my nails more often!

The mani I have for you today was inspired by this cute Hello Kitty lunch box I have.
I love Hello Kitty. A lot. I got this lunchbox at Old Navy.

Isn't it adorable? Now for the nails!

The pink didn't turn out as bright as I wanted, but still cute!
Super simple. I did the dots with a toothpick.
(I water marked this photo a while ago which is why it is not my new transparent one.)

This is China Glaze Recycle, and the dots are Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Blue Me Away! and a no-name pink from the dollar store.

I think I need to do more Hello Kitty nails. With my HK plate. And better pink.

I have a few things for my 200 follower giveaway coming up soon! 6 more followers to go!
I have a reallllllly cool idea for one of the things I'm including.
I'm really excited. But also stressed about what else to give away!
I actually dreamed about it last night. Hahaha.

In other news, I'm considering buying 6 Sally Hansen Chrome Pens on eBay for just $22. That's like $3.60 each which is a lot cheaper than the $7-something+tax that they are in stores. Furthermore, they don't have all the colors here.
Oh lent. Why did I even kid myself that I could do it?!


  1. You can never go wrong with dots!
    Btw, I referenced you in my pink skittle post. I loved your purple one!

  2. I love your blog! I don't know if you're aware but when reading it in greader the pics/full post don't show up. It kind of bums me out bc I sometimes miss posts of yours. Keep up the great work!

  3. Leslie, thanks! Happy to inspire you.
    WatGutSay, hmm, I didn't know that and I'm not sure how I would go about fixing it... but thanks! I'll see what I can do.

  4. I love hello kitty. I had a bunch Hello kitty stuff when I was little and now that it is back I really want to buy it despite my age.

    Your nails are really cute and I love how it represents the pattern on the lunch box.

  5. I share your polish no-buy pain. After a bit of a polish buying spree, I realized that I needed to take a break from buying so I could go through my untrieds...and it is hard :P Hopefully we can both stay strong! (Unless we find something too good to pass up)

  6. jaded_imp, who cares how old you are! i'm 20 and i have so much hello kitty. embrace it!

    johnna, it is so hard, i know! i just bought the 6 chrome pens, and it ended up being cheaper than i thought! the seller charged me $5 for shipping instead of individually charging, so i paid 14.77 for all six! that my friend, was too good to pass up!

  7. Oh I love this, super cute! x

  8. Sweet :) Gotta love a great deal on nail polish. I think my no-buy is going to be broken soon because I have a coupon for Sally's that expires at the end of the month, so that combined with my card = a good time to grab the new China Glazes. Hopefully I don't go too overboard.

  9. i broke down and bought something, white striper. Seeing all these cute nails made have to try a simple flower design. It was really easy and it doesn't look awful, nothing like what you can do but still okay.

    so yeah, i didn't make it all the way either...

  10. thanks everyone!
    johnna, use that coupon, girl! hahaha. i love coupons.
    jess, don't sweat it. you know how well i did...

  11. It's fricking (is it okay to say that? lol) crazy. Less than 6 months ago i had exactly 3 bottle of polish, some ugly red color and black/orange from some halloween costume we did. Now i want to buy something new all the time lol

    What got you interested in doing your nails?

  12. I love Hello Kitty - I store some of my polishes in Sanrio lunch boxes!

  13. jess, yes it is okay to use whichever words you like :P
    polish addictions grow quickly!
    i don't know what really did it, i was on steroids last year for my crohns disease and it threw me into this energetic artistic frenzy and after months of doing any arts/crafts thing i could, i ended up addicted to nail art.
    i've always had a lot of polish though. my aunt started me on it when i was young. i've pretty much never been polish-free.

    gothampolish, cute! i don't keep anything in mine right now. waiting for the right things to come along.

  14. i was never much for wearing polish, even when i was little. Then my roommate got me a couple bottles, and i started reading online. That got me hooked when i saw all the wonderful things that can be done. it just feels cute and feminine :o)

    You are definately artistic, i saw your painting in your collection post!!