Thursday, March 24, 2011

milani 3d - hi-tech - swatch and review

Okay, today I have some insane holographic goodness for you.
This is my first true linear holo and holy crap is it crazy.

Milani Hi-Tech!

I wasn't expecting this to be so holo and blingy! The bottle is deceiving. Look!

(click to enlarge)
Light lime green chunky linear holo.
Now I'm going to spam some pictures of all the holographic goodness.
Keep reading!

This was three coats, which all applied really easily.I had no trouble with bald spots or dragging.

Cuticle clean up wasn't as easy as the Tronica polishes due to the bigger glitter pieces, but was still very easy.
And removal was a total breeze.

I'm so in love with this polish and I don't even really like light green.

I got this for 49 cents.

I wish I could find the others 3 from the 3D collection that I'm missing! (The pink, purple, and gold.)

The first pictures I took of this (the ones with the bottle) were just under artifical light, and I thought THAT was holo.
And then when I got some sun on Tuesday I knew I had to re-swatch this in the sun.

The next sunny day we have, I will be wearing this to show it off!

I'll show you guys the blue and silver from this collection in the coming days.


  1. Nice video! I have this polish and never knew it was linear!?! When I swatched it I thought the sun was out, but it didn't look near as good as your pics! Lol I got mine on clearance for $1.49 and I thought that was a steal!

  2. I love this color. Did you pick this up @ target?? I bought 14 Sally Hansen - Hard As Nail polishes for 51 cents about 2 weeks ago. I thought i was sooo lucky lol.

  3. This one is actually a scattered holographic in my opinion. It just has a stronger holo.

  4. OMG I love it! I'm so jealous. I don't even know where to buy Milani. Boo.

  5. Thanks guys!
    I consider it linear but I've never seen anything more holo than this in person. I dunno! I think it is still linear but the pieces are just chunkier than say Nfu-Oh.
    If it shows the full rainbow, I think it's linear!

    I'm not in the states so no I didn't get it at Target, I got it at Lawton's drugs here in Canada. That's the only place around here that sells it! Their retailers are on their website if you wanna check it out.

  6. Super pretty, Rebecca! This makes me want to go out and buy it now! :)

    In the US, you can find Milani polishes at CVS pharmacies...except, they are $5+...not 49 cents! What an amazing deal!! :)

  7. I agree with you Rebecca. Isn't it called linear because it makes a "line" of the rainbow effect? You're pics obviously show a "line" of rainbow. So linear it is! It may be a slightly fuzzier line than with other holos, but it's still a line. ;)

  8. Rebecca did your nails get stained with this polish? Mine did :(

  9. nope this one didn't stain me! sorry to hear that it stained you :(

  10. I read somewhere that seche vite stains, and i use it with this milani... I have to try the milani with another top coat... But the weirdest thing is that my nails didn't stained with any other polish and seche vite. Must be an explosive