Saturday, March 12, 2011

oops... / some stamping tests

Day four of lent and this time I really broke it. This was not covered under my "exceptions."

Milani 3D Holographic in Hi-Tech!
I found this in a clearance bin at a Lawtons 20 minutes away. It was 49 cents.
49 cents!!
How could I not get it?
I wish the other ones from the 3D collection were there, this one is the one I would have wanted the least, haha.
The Revlon file I had to have, obviously, because it is leopard print. It was $1.49.

Anyway, after getting High-Tech and thinking how it might be a lot like the new China Glaze Tronica Laser Lime, I decided to try out this and my Tronica polishes with stamping. (And my Essie because I noticed it was pretty pigmented.)
And it was very disappointing.

L-R: China Glaze Electra Magenta, China Glaze Gamer Glam,
Milani Hi-Tech, Essie Jamaica Me Crazy
As you can see, none of these were great over black. In person they are actually less visible than the picture shows.
Over white the two pinks were okay, the Essie was better than the CG.
The pinks and maybe the purple you could use over white or pastels, but not much else. Hi-Tech is no good, period.

I'm home alone tonight because I'm not feeling well, which is why this second post today is coming to you.
I painted my nails tonight with an amazing combo and took about a billion pictures. Look out for that tomorrow!


  1. If it's less that 50 does it really count?? :o)

    Feel better soon!!

  2. thats what i thought :) haha
    and thanks! im feeling much better today

  3. yay! Glad you are feeling better, don't want you to not be able to post!! :o)

  4. I'm finding Lawton's has some incredible buys, going to check out their bargain shelves is something I do everytime I go to town.