Saturday, March 19, 2011

late st. patrick's day

Two days late, but here is what I wore for St. Patrick's day!
I hadn't planned on doing a green mani specifically for it, but then when I was changing my nails I saw my new bottle of Four Leaf Clover, and thought it was too cute to not wear that shade for St. Paddy's day.
It's not a typical St. Patrick's theme though - it's leopard print!

(click to enlarge)

For this "lucky" manicure I used, as I mentioned, China Glaze Four Leaf Clover for the base.
Using one of my new dotting tools, I dotted on random blobs of OPI Jade Is The New Black.
Then, using my black nail art pen I outlined those dots in all different C and O shapes.
There you have it! Easy leopard print!
Maybe next time I do leopard I'll do a photo tutorial.

(click to enlarge)

So, I have my giveway things all ready, I just need to photograph them and get the post ready.
You should be seeing that before the day is out.
I hope you guys will be as excited as I am about it!


  1. Love the green leopard ! well done :)

  2. I love the color combo ! so pretty

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