Sunday, March 6, 2011

review - ebay 2-way nail art pens

Hey! Today I'm going to do my first product review for this blog.
I'm going to review something that, when I bought it, I wanted to be able to read reviews but couldn't find many detailed ones.
The 2-Way Nail Art Pens from eBay!

They come in sets- 6, 12, 24, 36... all the way up to 60.
I bought the 60. If you're going to get something, you might as well get them all, right?
Anyway it was only $30 Canadian and shipping was free. That's 50 cents per polish!

Review, pictures and some nail art after the jump!

These pens are little plastic squeezable bottles, with a metal pen tip when you pull off the top of the cap and a striper brush when you unscrew it.

Pen Tip
Here is a pen compared to other polishes for size.

The listing on ebay said they were all 15ml but as you can see, they aren't.

Here are all the colors.

(click to enlarge)
My biggest complaint - the brushes.
They all fall out! They are not secured into the handle at all. Just using the brush to make lines on your nails produces enough friction to pull the brush out.
A few of them were missing the brushes before I even opened them, and every one I have tried to use, the brush started to fall out so I pulled them out before they could fall into the bottle.

No brush!
Minor annoyance for me, because I have other brushes I could use, and that isn't really what I wanted them for anyway.
I tried to take a picture of the black brush, but the brush fell out!

As nail art pens, they are awesome. I love that where they open up, it allows you to refill them! I mainly use the black one and I'm sure it will run out, and when it does I will pour in some black polish!
The pens do get a little clogged between uses but each one comes with a pin on the bottom to push through the tip when it clogs.

Now, some of the pens I have don't work. No matter how hard I squeeze, I can't get anything to come out.
So that is my other complaint. So far I have found 2 or 3 that will not work.

A third complaint would be the glitter polishes. The glitter pieces do not come out of the pen tip. You end up with slightly tinted clear nail polish coming out. If you want this for glitter pens, look elsewhere.

Brush stroke vs pen squeeze
Another problem, the formula on some is crazy and it separates.

This bottle was lying sideways in the container and no matter how much I shake, roll or stir it I cannot get the colors to mix.
This is happening with SO many of the polishes now.
The pictures I took of the colors were when I first got them, but now most of them look like this.
It's really a shame. However, for the limited use I give the colors, they don't seem to be coming out wonky. 
But this is a serious problem.

All in all, I do really enjoy these, and I wish they were better quality.
I would recommend them as pens, but not as striper polishes. In fact, if you get them, you should probably take out the brushes like I did so they don't fall in and somehow ruin your pen tip.
So because of all these issues, unless you get them for cheap like I did, don't bother.
A lot of the colors are very similar, or aren't great quality, and like I said the glitter ones don't work as pens.
It would be more worth your while to buy a couple better quality ones in colors you like. I know some other etailers/stores sell very similar pens and I'm sure the quality of the polish would be better.

Here is a manicure I did with the striper ends right after receiving these polishes, I felt like watching some youtube art so I copied a video, but I can't find it anymore.
If I find it again, I'll edit this post.

(click to enlarge)
I hated this when I first did it but looking back at the picture, it was pretty cute!
The only thing I used that wasn't a part of the pen wet was Wet N Wild Wild Shine Black Creme for the black tip.
I want to do this again but with brushes that aren't pathetic, because it could be cuter!

All brushes used basically fell out during this manicure, so I pulled them all out.

I hope this review helps some people out.
Thanks for reading!


  1. Great detailed review! I had been wondering if I should get something like this for my stash and you helped me decide.
    I do the same thing you mentioned about just refilling with black polish. I love the brush on my kiss nail art striper in black, other brands have a thicker or shorter brush that just doesn't work. So I keep just refilling my fave with a black creme!

  2. I bought a set of 72 of these aswell, i've come across most of the same problems as you however none of my brushes have fallen out yet. Some of the tips did turn up bent so you can't get the polish out of them or put the caps on which is fairly annoying. But they are good if you enjoy doing nail art and you get a wide range of colours so i would still recommend them. Before i got the set off ebay i bought a higher quality set which all work great so the extra money is worth it but i got 8 for £25 instead of 72 for £21 :/. Great review :)

  3. I know the video that you mean! I can't remember the link though :( I just rcognise the art.

    I bought a set of these, a set of 24 (I think). I've actually pretty much used up/ran out of the white and the black, but I don't think regular nail polish will work in them - if you've noticed, the formula of the nail art pens is way more tacky and sticky. Still, I might give it ago.

    The quality is abysmal but the price is right.

  4. Too bad they aren't what you thought the should be. But very helpful this review!



  5. Wow, I have a set of these and none of my brushes have come out yet. I can get the glitters to work as pens if I squeeze hard enough (sometimes), but my main issue with them is that a lot of them are super thick and they all smell HORRIBLE! =P I do like them, but I agree, I really wish they were better quality-wise, but I guess you get what you pay for. :\


    1. Shipping can take a long time depending what part of the world you're in. If you bought them on eBay you can usually get a refund if they are lost.

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