Tuesday, March 22, 2011

china glaze tronica collection - electra magenta - swatch and review

Hey! Today I have a polish from the Tronica collection to show you.
Unfortunately I could only get my hands on 2 out of the 5 or so that I wanted.
And the ones I had ordered with Kayla Shevonne didn't get processed correctly before they sold out.
So no more for me.
Which makes me really sad, because after swatching this and the other one I have, I am in love!

Now. I meant to do this post last week - but before I could post the pictures I took, I wore this one as a full mani and got a glimpse of it in the sun. After seeing it, I couldn't post pictures without sun pictures.
And the sun came out today!! :D
So I got sun pictures of it. And all my other holos...

This is Electra Magenta.
I seriously did not expect to love this as much as I do.
After the first swipe, I was hooked.

No holo in the bottle. That changes on the nail.

See the holo?
It's no Nfu-Oh or GOSH, but it's there!
Wait until you see the sun pictures. I think some people would change their mind on these polishes not being holo if they saw this one in the sun.

More pictures after the jump.
Please click the photos to see the true holo in them!

Electra Magenta is a highly pigmented, medium pink shade, with holo!
I wouldn't call this "scattered" or "linear." It's somewhere in between.

This is now my favorite holo out of the like 6 I own :P

Blurry close-up to see all the colors!!!

Love it!
Now for sunlight pictures!
Sadly these pictures show tip wear. I wore this color for over 2 full days before taking these pictures.
No top coat. And no chips! Just tip wear. That is pretty awesome.

(click to enlarge)
Holo!!! The above picture shows it best.

When I caught that first glimpse of this in the sun, my jaw dropped and I stared at my nails for a good minute or two.

There you have it!
(I forgot to watermark the new pictures before posting... oh well! It's just a swatch.)

This polish applied really well. 2 coats.
You could definitely get away with one coat of Electra Magenta if it is a thick one.
I didn't use base coat or top coat, and I had no problems with bald spots or dragging.

It also removed REALLY easy. The polish remover just ate it up. I used one end of one qtip to remove it from 5 nails.
And the cuticle clean up was just as easy. One little swipe in each problem area and you're good.

I was really hoping that Tronica would stamp well like the OMG collection does, but it doesn't.

Over black, it lit up in the photo, it isn't that noticeable in person.
Electra Magenta would give okay results over really light colors, but that's it. :(

Nothing bad to say about this polish. (except the lack of stamp-ability.)
In fact, I should apologize to them for all the bad things I said when I couldn't see any holo in the bottles.
I'm sorry for doubting you, Tronica!

Lots more holo polishes coming in the next few days!


  1. I was disappointed that the ones I got didn't stamp well either. :( And I agree, the holo is nice even though it's not as "in your face" as other holos. Oh and I like the added blogroll on the right! Thanks for including me.

  2. of course you're included! it shows the 10 most recent posts. if it showed all of them it would be way too long! hahaha

  3. I think these are really pretty even though they aren't super holo-y...that is actually a plus in my opinion. I saw a display of these and now I regret not picking up some, I need to try and go back and get a few.

  4. i loooooove the tronica polishes. i think i own half of them, heh. i do not have a konad yet, so the lack of stampability doesn't bother me.

  5. Funny coincidence! I have that on my nails right now too. I agree about the holo. It's a scattered effect, but you can see the rainbow in it.

  6. I wore this one last week and it was super pretty! Especially in the sun... :)