Sunday, March 20, 2011

a few comparisons

Hello to my new followers! (And old, of course.)
Today I was planning on posting some swatch photos of my 2 China Glaze Tronica polishes.
However, I am wearing Electra Magenta today, and when the sun came out for about 5 seconds I realized I couldn't show it to you without getting sunlight pictures. So lets hope that I get some sun in the next few days.
Damn cloudy Newfoundland!

So instead of posting that I thought I would post some comparisons I did on a nail wheel.

The second polish in each set is something I've bought recently, and then realized I probably didn't need it.
So I did some swatch comparisons to see the difference!
None are dupes, but I think some are close enough that you don't need both.

First, we have:
OPI You Don't Know Jacques vs. China Glaze Below Deck.

2 coats each.
As you can see, they are different. In person they look much more similar.
BD is purple-toned, YDKJ is not.
Being that BD was the only shade I bought from the Anchors Away collection, I was a little unhappy when I realized it was close enough to YDKJ that I didn't need it.
See, I probably won't wear these shades often, so I'm sure one would have been enough.

Next up:
China Glaze Shower Together vs. Finger Paints Carnation Creation.

This is what I like to call my "problem color."
I see anything remotely teal or turquoise and I immediately lust for it.
One day I'll post a picture of the swatch wheel I did of all my teals/turquoises. It is sad.
My cousin saw it the other day and said, "Are these all DIFFERENT polishes?! You have an addiction!"
2 coats ST, 1 coat CC (should have done two, but that wasn't noticeable in person.)
ST has a bit more green in it than CC.
These are for sure some of those "you don't need both" polishes.
At least I'm aware I have a "problem" with this color!! hahaha

Last one:
China Glaze For Audrey vs. Essie Turquoise and Caicos.

More problem color. Lighter this time.
These are noticably different, but still, did I need both?
Probably not, especially where TAC was like 9 bucks.
FA is true blue, TAC is more green toned, but same overall hue.
I love both of these though. I'll just pretend they aren't so similar.
Off in my own little turquoise problem world.

By the way, I have fully given up on nail polish lent. I just couldn't do it!
Since Thursday I've gotten 4 new Milani's, 2 Sinful's, one Joe Fresh and one Covergirl.
I just keep finding new things so instead of feeling guilty about it, I'm calling the whole thing off.
Maybe I'll try again in April! :P

Oh BTW, I won a giveaway today! My first one. It is three shades from Milani Rockstar Heavy Glitter - Purple Gleam, Gold Glitz and Silver Dazzle.
Had I won this 4 days ago it would have been more exciting, but the Heavy Glitter collection just arrived at one of my drug stores and I got Purple Gleam for myself and Gold Glitz for my giveaway.
I'm still super excited though! I'll keep the second Purple Gleam for a swap or a future giveaway!

Speaking of giveaways, don't forget to enter mine!


  1. Rofl about you giving up on lent. I know I should never even think about going on a no-buy, I know I would fail miserably!

  2. I had to have both For Audrey and Turquoise and Caicos too. I won't tell anyone. THEY'RE VERY DIFFERENT, I TELL YA! THEY ARE! :)

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