Sunday, March 27, 2011

icing - blackout - swatch and review

Hey guys, I showed you a bottle picture of this polish a while ago, but never got around to swatching it.
So in my day of sunny swatching madness, I did this one too!
This is the last of the sunny holographic swatches.

Blackout is a black jelly base with scattered holographic glitter, as well as silver glitter.
The holo pieces can sometimes look a bit linear in the bottle, but not on the nail.

(click to enlarge)

The silver glitter is more noticeable on the nail.

More pictures as well as a layering experiment after the jump!

This swatch is three coats. The polish is a bit sheer but does build up really well.

Blurred to see more glitter.

In the sunlight it does sparkle really nicely! But it was hard to capture.

Removal and clean up were easy, much easier than black creme polish. No staining!
Overall I do like this polish, but it isn't near as nice as you expect it to be when you're looking at the bottle.

In an attempt to make this polish more satisfying, I decided to use a new holographic top coat that came home with me last weekend.

Covergirl Boundless Color in City Lights.
This is a "nail sparkle topcoat."
I found this in a small drugstore and the effect looks sort of linear in the bottle, but again, not on the nail.
However, it did make Blackout look more like what you would expect from the bottle!

More sparkly!

More holo!

I really liked these two together. I'll probably wear this combo next time I'm feelin' some black.

Just for fun, I also tried City Lights over China Glaze - Electra Magenta on my thumb when I was in line at the store buying it.
(If you noticed that my thumb was pink in the Milani HD video - this is what you saw.)

Sooooo sparkly. Couldn't stop looking at it!


  1. oooh pretty~~ is icing a good nail polish co? never tried them before... also, is the [CG Boundless Color in City Lights] in stores now? do you remember $? its awesome :D

  2. icing is pretty good! i have 4 polishes from them: 2 i really like, 1 i dislike on my skin tone but is still good quality, and the other is just too sheer (but works good for marbling!)
    it isn't really a polish company though - it is an accessory store that also carries polish and other cosmetics.

    the covergirl one, i'm not sure if it is a current release. i got it in a small lawton's drugstore, that had a lot of old stuff.
    if it is available now, you could find it at walmart!

  3. oh, and it was $3.99 canadian.
    (and the icing ones are $5, and they're usually buy one get one half price.)